Site Graphics

PTI Site Graphics Management Tool

The PTI site graphics management tool enhances the image of your property to existing and potential customers. The attractive, customizable program can improve the management, marketing, and working aspects of your business while increasing profitability.

With Site Builder software, make custom changes to the on-screen image using simple building tools. Convert units and other areas with a few mouse clicks. Site Builder is an easy-to-use tool for revising the facility map of adjusting indicator colors.

Site Builder Features:

  • Flexible design will grow with the facility as size and capabilities expand.
  • Easily combine multiple units, or split a unit.
  • Interface is customizable to match your corporate look.
  • Add logos or other images to further customize your layout.

System Compatibility:

  • Works with StorLogix and Falcon XT in PTI mode only.
  • Works with legacy Falcon Base Unit.
  • Not compatible with Digitech mode devices.

Product Description

Quickly track site activity with a dynamic map that is uniquely customized to represent your facility.
Pan through the graphics of the system to guide new and prospective clients to featured units.
Enhance customer confidence by demonstrating attention to security.
Color coding makes it possible to visualize delinquencies, occupancy, and vacancies at a glance.