Remote Monitoring

Facility CCTV Surveillance Systems

Integrated CCTV and Access Control information available at a remote monitoring station or your own laptop anywhere in the world. Our new state of the art central station incorporates a host of security features to give the customer complete peace of mind.

State of the Art 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

On transmission of images from the monitored site to our ARC, our operators are immediately alerted to remotely investigate the monitored site through specialist alarm handling platforms (Immix).

This enables us to view all site connected cameras to perform a visual tour, deliver audio challenge & issue warning messages through on-site speakers, and, if required use our direct links with the Police & other emergency services to sanction a response.
All images are recorded and stored within our secure on-site data centre, which is purpose-built to keep sensitive data secure


Features Overview:

  • High quality digital recording of all CCTV images.
  • Comprehensive daily reports faxed direct to the installation company.
  • High quality digital recording of all CCTV images.
  • All monitoring systems consist of multiple unity allowing for high demand.
  • Full Technical support from our qualified engineering staff.
  • Generator and UPS backup providing complete autonomy pending mains failure.
  • DIVERSITY all incoming telephone lines are duplicated across 2 different exchanges ensuring continuity should a service provider encounter problems.