Falcon XT

Our newest development in a long line of stand-alone access control products.

The Falcon XT and StorLogix tandem creates a highly scalable and customizable solution for single site operators to large corporations with hundreds or thousands of sites.

Falcon XT

Like all of the Falcon family of products, Falcon XT works in stand-alone mode. Should the StorLogix PC be turned off, XT will still open the gate and track all security until the PC comes back online.

Just as important, the combination of Falcon XT and StorLogix creates a superior platform for integrating other security related technologies.


  • On-board Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 connectivity.
  • Storage of up to 40,000 events in safe, non-volatile memory.
  • Two industry-standard Wiegand inputs.
  • 12V DC power supply on board with battery backup.
  • Hundreds of configurable access levels and time schedules.
  • LogixScript capabilities for the greatest in configuration options.
  • Thousands of flexible input and output points for end-to-end solutions.

Product description:

  • Works with PTI or Digitech branded devices as of 5.0.
  • Support for as many as 10,000 units and 10,000 users.
  • E-mail alert communications for managers and tenants.
  • UL-294 Listing in the United States and Canada. CE Mark for approved distribution in the European Union.
  • Customizable Event Views.
  • Hundreds of customizable system messages.
  • Connect via TCP/IP locally and/or remotely.
  • Lighting, Elevator, and multi-area access control.
  • Support for remote annexes with dial-up modems and automated sharing of a single connection.
  • Ability to centralize your site data.