Facility Communications

Self storage facilities may require two-way communications between the point of access (the PTI keypad) and the manager’s office for the tenants convenience and ease of operation.

Intercom communications

Intercoms communicate via multiple remote stations placed strategically throughout the facility.

PTI Falcon series keypads are available with built in intercoms for easy installation and convenience. PTI Apex series keypads come standard with an intercom and a call button. Customers access the manager via the keypad without ever leaving their vehicle when keypads are bollard mounted for gate access.

A telephone interface is available that can connect the call button on the PTI keypad to any telephone device.


When the security of an individual door is breached PTI’s alarm system can trigger audible sirens to alert managers and tenants. Exterior and interior sirens are available.

Facility communication systems are another part of the entire integrated system offered by PTI. Easy to install, customer friendly devices that offer flexibility and create a profitable state-of-the-art facility.