DVR Specification

All systems are uniquely designed by PTI to suit any building configuration.

The DVR is a high-performance video recorder (DVR) combined, capable of recording from multiple cameras to an internal hard disk whilst simultaneously allowing users to view recorded and live images on the same monitor.

DVR Specification for new installations

Simple to use and the unit comes complete with internal hard disk capacity for recording of images. All units are network compatible, and supplied with remote surveillance software as standard. This provides multi-user remote access including remote control of fully functional cameras.

Using IP technology, the DVR unit provides the most advanced, high-quality, cost-effective digital CCTV solution available today. All systems are uniquely designed by PTI to suit any particular configuration of building.

DVR Specification for system upgrades

The hybrid DVR combines IP technology with a conventional digital analogue platform. This means that an existing CCTV system can be future-proofed. Typically a 16 channel CCTV system with digital analogue cameras can be connected to a hybrid DVR. The Hybrid DVR will also have 16 channels for IP cameras that may be added or replace existing cameras.