Door Alarms

Hard-wired Door Alarm Systems

PTI Hard-wired door alarms provide reliable individual door security solutions to protect your investment and the valuable assets of your tenants. Backed by nearly three decades of expertise, our hard-wired door alarm systems represent the industry standard.

Door Security

The PTI hard-wired individual door alarm system provides owners the security tools they need to open a competitive, highly marketable storage facility. low-cost, low maintenance solution that provide unparalleled protection for the facility, the customer, and their stored possessions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access control security must be advanced enough to protect the customer’s possessions while being user-friendly for customer convenience. With PTI door alarms, customer’s simply arm and disarm their door alarms when accessing and exiting the facility.


High performance multiplexers feature scalable configurations available in 16 to 96 channels, on-board LCD displays, and tamper detection.

The PTI hardwired door alarm multiplexers feature an onboard LCD display for convenient installation setup, status monitoring and troubleshooting. PTI Multiplexers are UL294 compliant, meaning they will stand up to rigorous use and harsh climates for years to come. High-quality punch-down terminals are simple to use and ensure robust electrical connections. Equipped with anti-tamper monitoring, the multiplexer will create an alarm event if unauthorized individuals attempt to gain access or disable the door alarm system. Multiplexers are compatible with virtually all types of wired switches and contacts.