Apex Series Keypads

The most flexible and durable keypads available in self-storage.

Apex keypads provide flexible and durable solutions for your access control system. With two-way intercoms, proximity card options, pinhole cameras, and custom language settings.

PTI Apex Series Keypads

Card and code access devices manage customer and visitor traffic through secured entryways. Apex Series Keypads provide access solutions throughout any facility, from entry and exit gate locations to secured areas such as maintenance storage, climate controlled units, or elevator access.

Apex Series Keypads allow you to automate access management and keep track of who is coming and going.

Apex Series Keypads represent the highest quality access devices available. With a variety of options available, there is a unique solution for every facility. Apex options include a two-way intercom, magnetic or proximity card readers, and pinhole cameras.

Apex Keypads are simple to use with access codes ranging from 1-9 digits long. Additionally, there is a visual display on every Apex Keypad that allows for custom messages or instructions.

All Apex Keypads have an integrated tamper switch, allowing for immediate feedback to management when a keypad is tampered with; no need for external sensors.


Product description:

  • Anti-vandal metal keypad with backlit numbers.
  • High-resolution, four-line display with a 140-degree viewing angle.
  • Supports user custom messages when used with StorLogix and Falcon XT.
  • Built-in surge and lightning protection
  • The mag-Stripe option works with PayXpress
  • Ruggedized metal outdoor enclosures
  • Supports user custom messages when used with StorLogix and Falcon XT.
  • Request to exit door control settings available.
  • Multi language support.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the StorLogix and Falcon XT controller.