Accounting Software

StorLogix & StorLogix Mobile Application

Our systems control more than 10 Million tenant access codes world-wide. With more than 25,000 installations in 30 plus countries. PTI Security Systems is the world standard for Self-Storage access control. 

Accounting Software

Start as simple or as sophisticated as the business requires and expand the functionality as the operation grows. Whatever your needs, we have an access control solution for your facility. StorLogix 4 has been expanded and enhanced to provide you with the security and control that your property needs to be competitive in this ever changing market. With StorLogix 4 and the StorLogix Mobile application you will always be in full control of your property.

Better Than Ever…
StorLogix 4 has over 200 new enhancements along with several exciting new features:

  • StorLogix Mobile Application* – Control from your mobile device whenever and wherever you are.
  • Control multiple properties locally, over the Internet, or with Dial-Up modems from one computer.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilites.
  • Works with Microsoft® Windows® 8

Mobile. Like You…
With StorLogix 4 you can control your facility from anywhere at any time directly from your smart phone or mobile device:

  • Remotely open doors or trigger gates.
  • Immediately see who is on-site.
  • Easily change whether or not a tenant is locked out.
  • View current or historical site activity for a tenant or a storage unit.

Product description:

  • Hundreds of customizable system messages.
  • Support for remote annexes with dial-up modems with automated sharing of a single connection.
  • E-mail alert communications.
  • Support for as many as 10,000 units and 10,000 users.
  • Ability to centralise your site data.
  • Connect via TCP/IP locally and/or remotely.