The city of Malaga hosted the 11th Spanish Conference of Self Storage and attracted more than a hundred Self Storage professionals. The conference was held on the 23 May, 6 months earlier than usual. The choice of Malaga, as an alternative to the cities of Madrid and Barcelona with more than 50 centres each, was a great success. Malaga with 20 centres is the province with the most centres per inhabitant.

The conference, organized by AESS, brought together more than a hundred professionals from the sector: operators, national and international suppliers, and investors interested in opening centres in the provinces of the Andalusian community, where as of today no self storage center Operating.

As each year the conference began with the assembly of the association, which approved the results of 2016 and the composition of the Board with the replacement of JM Pombo by Nagore Maruri de Bilbox as a vocal. It was also used to comment on some of the actions taken, such as the annual statistical analysis or the draft revision of the reference contract, which was reviewed in the first paper by the lawyer himself, JM Andrés Cervera. His paper, with a high legal content, provoked many questions from the audience.

In the adjoining room, attendees were able to see and ask about the products and services of the present providers. “CAPSA”, “USC”, “Kepler Entreplantas”, “PTI”, “Store-It” and “Urban Sels Storage Projects” were also present to the three sponsors, Steel Storage, Radical Systems and SSolid. “And” Modulnor “.

Is it possible to innovate in the Self Storage sector? Maurici Segú surprised the audience with a great speech “Innovate, the 8 key attitudes to stop being one more”. It is clear that innovation is in our hands.

After the meal, it was the turn of a local speaker, Germán Pérez, Technical Officer of the Real Fire Department of Malaga. An excellent practical class on “The peculiarities of the sector to legalize and determine their conditions of protection against fires.” Throughout the presentation, the attendees did not stop asking and sharing their experiences.

The last paper “Success is written with A” was given by Lluís Soldevila, Professor ESADE Business. Subsequent comments from the audience appreciated his presentation with great satisfaction.

As usual in European conferences and a few years ago the Spanish, AESS organized a tour through the centres of Keepy and Trasteros Plus, with more than 50 people. A great opportunity to see the characteristics of two large centres, both members of AESS.

After a long day the he evening ended with a walk through the centre of Malaga followed by a dinner in the AC Forum restaurant.

On behalf of the AESS Board, we would like to thank all the attendees for their participation in the Conference, especially the three sponsors.

Barry Rimmer MD, PTI Security Systems Europe.