Best Facility UK Major Operator

Big Yellow Twickenham

This store has shown exceptional performance despite all the disruptions caused by the Rugby World Cup.The judges were particularly impressed with the solar power generation, led lighting and other power saving initiatives that allow the store to be less than carbon neutral, actually adding power to the grid. They also have a water catchment area and wildlife habitat.

Best Facility UK Independent Operator

Stock N Lock Worcester

Stock N Lock have had an exceptional year, growing their revenue by almost 40% through increase in both occupancy and return per square foot. The judges commented on their exceptional website which provides customer information on self storage while guiding them through the process of reserving a unit. Stock N Lock also have a creative local radio advertising campaign that promotes their boxes and packaging materials, as well as self storage.

Extraordinary Achievement Award

Shurgard Woolwich

Shurgard have built this store directly above the new London cross rail tunnel, on a site that many considered unviable for the construction of such a large building.

Using a method of piling unusual to London and the Cross-rail team, the substructure was constructed ensuring no risings and minimal waste left the site. The engineers came up with a solution where the loading on the tunnels was significantly reduced and the number of piles supporting the building dropped from 1,338 to 348.