Scottsdale AZ, October 14th, 2011 Press Release. Lance Comstock, the founder and former owner of PTI Integrated Systems, Inc., (PTI) has purchased PTI and Digitech International, Inc. branded products from Chamberlain Access Solutions, Inc. (CAS) effective October 14th, 2011. Comstock sold PTI to Chamberlain on October 27th, 2007, three months prior to Chamberlain’s purchase of his biggest competitor Digitech International, Inc. Chamberlain’s acquisition of the two companies marked an end of an era where PTI and Digitech both competed, and lead the self storage industry with innovation and support for products that helped their customers secure their facilities and operate more efficiently. Chamberlain recognized this as a great opportunity to expand their product lines and acquired both companies. They have continued the visions from both companies and have enjoyed the success that has come with owning them, but now look forward to handing off these responsibilities to Comstock.

“I realized that golfing and life on the beach is not for me,” says returning owner Comstock. “I am much more comfortable at the helm of a technology company. My passion has always been working with customers, and people in the self storage industry.”

While the company’s new name will be PTI Security Systems, the branding will be slightly different by combining the PTI and Digitech logos. The company will continue to develop new products to help self storage owners operate more efficiently, and allow them to market their facilities more effectively. Comstock adds, “I look forward to improving, streamlining, and leading the combined products of PTI and Digitech.”

Over the next few months, business will continue as usual to ensure that a high level of customer service is maintained. During this transition time all operations will remain consistent with what they have been in the past.

About Lance Comstock
With a Degree in Electronics from Devry Institute of Technology, Lance is an accomplished entrepreneur having successfully founded or controlled nearly a dozen companies over the past 25 years. He currently holds ownership interest in Comstock Family, LLC., LM2 Investment Group, LLC., and Medcon, LLC. As the previous owner of PTI Integrated Systems, he was able to strengthen the company into an international leader in the self storage industry.

About Digitech
For more than 20 years, Digitech was a self storage industry leader in developing and marketing access control and security systems worldwide. Branded products include automatic gates and keypads, video surveillance and recording systems, door alarms, site graphics, and onsite communications systems.

About PTI Integrated Systems
Established in 1979, PTI rose to be a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing complete solutions for access control and security to customers. PTI provided hardware and software solutions to targeted industries. Self storage customers recognized PTI’s controllers, APEX, VP keypads and software, as complete end to end solutions to integrate the latest technology for access control, security, video integration, wireless and TCP/IP.