PTI Client Testimonials

“Kent Space is a facility offering a suite of flexi-offices together with self storage. The conversion from an existing building into an efficiently managed and secure enterprise was a real challenge. We specified an integrated PTI access control, CCTV and music system to match our high operational requirements. The commitment and support from feasibility to execution has been exceptional.”

Kent Space

Britannia Premier is an established removals company and when the owners wanted to venture into self storage they contacted PTI UK (now EOS). “The expertise and advice we received concerning design layout of the storage centre and especially concerning the management and security were excellent. Purchasing an integrated PTI access control and CCTV system was the best decision we made.”
Martyn Jones

Britannia Premier

“From my previous experiences, I knew that when selecting access control for quality, reliability and after sales support there is only one choice and that is PTI.”

 “The combination of PTI Access Control and CCTV provides the ability to trace any incident that may occur on any of our sites. This is essential for security and in solving any possible disputes with clients.”

“We have several facilities that operate with PTI access control. Having tried another brand previously we know the difference in the quality of the PTI system and in the service and technical support”

“I came from a financial background, so before entering the self storage industry, I was very keen to understand which technologies would accelerate our time to profitability. The PTI access control and security system allows the facility to be managed efficiently and with minimum costs for staffing.”

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